Applied Medical Sinology: innovative apporaches to classical text research

The academic field of Sinology; the study of all things Chinese, may seem to be far removed from the real life applications of clinical medicine.  Yet because the core principles of Chinese medicine outlined in Chinese classical medical texts cannot be effectively applied without a precise historical interpretation, academic Sinology is extremely important in the real life clinical application of traditional Chinese medical knowledge. Previously, academic Sinology had contributed little understanding to the practice of clinical medicine.  To address this issue, scholars at the Xinglin Institute developed the academic field of, "Applied Medical Sinology".  Whereas traditional academic Sinology studies the historical and cultural context in which a given medical text was written and pays little attention to the medical information contained within the text, Applied Medical Sinology uses the academic tools of Sinological research to investigate and accurately describe the clinical information found within the Chinese medical classics.  This knowledge provides crucial information which renders Chinese medical texts interpretable and provides the academic skills and knowledge necessary to critically valuate this information.  Applied Medical Sinology both identifies areas of potential medical research and provides the intellectual tools necessary to successfully implement and carry out such projects.  Techniques used in Applied Medical Sinology blend traditional methods of classical text investigation used historically by Chinese medical scholars, with advanced techniques of modern academic Sinology and modern biomedical research to identify clinically relevant treatment strategies, which can be used to address a variety of global healthcare challenges.





















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